Screw Conveyor

What is meant be a screw conveyor?

A screw conveyor consists of a mechanism that uses a helical screw blade to move liquid or granular materials. The most common screw conveyor is shaped horizontal. However, conveyors can also be used at an incline as a means to move semi-solid materials, such as wood chips, cereal grains, and solid waste. The earliest screw conveyor was the Archimedes screw, which was used to pump irritation water.

Screw conveyors are sometimes known as ‘auger conveyors. They usually consist of a tube containing a spiral blade around the shaft, which is driven at the end and held at the other – this is known as the Shaft screw. Hangers are used to provide support and maintain alignment of the screw conveyor.

What are the Capabilities of Screw Conveyors?

Most free-flowing materials, grains and pellets, and many semi-free flowing powders, can be discharged with screw conveyors. This also applies to materials with poor flow characteristics, such as abrasive materials, materials which fluidise and also oily materials.

The beauty of screw conveyors is that they are simple and provide a low cost versatile handling equipment with many applications in manufacturing and processing factories. The rate of material conveyed can also be controlled by varying the speed, and trough loading. Trantec Screw conveyors are used by many industry sectors – Food, Animal Feeds, and Chemical.

The incline screw conveyor is also known as the Flexible Screw Conveyor; this can convey materials vertically or horizontally – hence the name “Flexible”. Often, screw conveyors are also preferred compared to horizontal conveyors due to their capabilities and the type of material involved.

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