UHMWPE Conveyor Tubes

Key Features & Benefits

  • Excellent low-friction properties.
  • Super smooth finish inside and out.
  • High impact strength.
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Sound absorption/dampening.
  • High stress rates and energy absorption levels/capacity.
  • Temperature is resistant from -200 degrees to +80 degrees.
  • Physiologically safe/non-toxic.
  • EC and FDA-approved material of extrusion.
  • Self-lubricating/excellent free-flow and sliding properties.


Trantec has supplied spare UHMWPE conveying tubes and spiral augers to Flexible Screw Conveyor users for over two decades. Our cost-effective spares service has gained considerable popularity over the years, with small businesses, blue-chip multinational companies, and equipment manufacturers all wanting to use our services.

Why might you need to request replacement UHMWPE tubing?

Tube worn out: Typically caused by general wear and tear, foreign objects entering and causing internal damage, high levels of damp, or unusually cohesive materials being handled.

Damaged by human error: Generally caused by insufficient care of equipment.

Trantec’s UHMWPE conveying tubes are for use in conjunction with Flexible Screw Conveyors. Our conveying tubes are manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight polyethene (commonly shortened to UHMWPE, or UHMW), chosen for its food grade approval, superior quality, and outstanding chemical, abrasion, and wear resistance properties.

UHMWPE is the go-to material for manufacturers of materials handling equipment worldwide due to its uncompromised quality and cost-effective manufacturing. All Trantec UHMWPE conveying tubes are manufactured to meet all current USA, EU, and UK food contact legislation, with complete sanitary solutions available upon request.

Quality Finish

Our UHMWPE tubes are designed with a super smooth, easy-clean outer finish and boast high wear resistance and durability, instilling the confidence of a long-lasting product. Their increase in strength allows for Trantec’s conveying tubes to last longer than standard UHMWPE tubing, a benefit that we maintain our quality standard across all batches.

All construction materials and parts are subject to intense quality control using IS9001 compatible procedures, with our spiral augers and conveying tubes manufactured under IS9001 certified environments. We can offer advice and full traceability on all our chosen construction materials. Trantec can advise on the pros and cons of each and offer advice on which would be best suited to your application.


Trantec UHMWPE tubing is completely compatible across all Flexible Screw/Spiral Conveyors. For bespoke sizing, Trantec can request tubing to be manufactured according to your specifications. In most cases, no alterations will be required and our conveyor tube will be completely ready to install right away.

Feel free to call us or email sales@trantec.net if you have any questions in regards to this. Our friendly team of engineers are here to assist with your application and are ready for any challenge we might face.

Stock & Availability

Trantec can supply both the spiral auger and UHMWPE conveying tube for your Flexible Screw Conveyor along with any compatible components that need replacing.

Our spiral and tube can be with you the next day, with our express delivery service available on all conveyor spares and off-the-shelf accessories.


Up to 8 metres:

Over 8 metres:

UHMWPE Conveying Tube (all sizes).

Available for next working day delivery.

Tube connector fabrication required. Estimated delivery in 2-3 working weeks.