Trantec Spiral Augers

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy clean
  • Food contact approved (316 stainless steel)
  • Low maintenance
  • Low-cost
  • Gentle handling of the product
  • One moving part
  • Volumetric consistency
  • 100 to 8,000 litres per hour

Trantec supplies a range of spiral augers to Flexible Screw Conveyor users, and we have been doing so for over 20 years.

Our cost-effective spares solutions have gained considerable popularity over this time, with new businesses signing up regularly.

We supply these augers to a variety of different industries.

Although the above industries are massively unique and share a few similarities, common requirements that they all share include the need to reduce system downtime, save costs, and improve overall manufacturing efficiency. This is where Trantec can help solve this problem.

Why you may need a replacement Spiral Auger

  • Spiral snapped/broken:
    Causes include: Spiral has become deformed from the conveyor jamming up, a foreign object has entered the conveyor causing internal damage, if an unsuitable material is handled, or general wear and tear.

Generally, this is the main reason you would need a replacement auger.

Spiral Auger

Trantec spiral augers are manufactured from carbon steel or 316 stainless steel in various wire profiles and sizes. Heavy-duty options are provided for aggressive materials with high bulk densities upon request. Our spirals are heat-treated, providing greater strength and higher durability, giving you a spiral with exceptional quality and longevity. Whilst most powders will convey using a simple round-section spiral; certain poor-flowing materials may be better suited to a flat or square section:

Round: Performs best with granular materials such as sugar, salt, rice, and oats, although suitable for almost any application. The most versatile of our spiral auger range.

Flat: For use with extremely fine, light, and aerated powders. A slight increase in capacity is achieved with subsequently increased volume. Examples of suitable materials include powdered sugar, talcum powder, and pharmaceutical powders.

Square: For use with heavy and or abrasive materials. Materials suited to a square section include pigments, calcium oxide, and silicon carbide.


All conveyor tubes and spiral augers are completely compatible between systems.  Trantec’s spares will operate in almost any Flexible Screw Conveyor. The only difference is our premium quality product without the premium price.

Stock & Availablity

Standard and heavy-duty spiral augers are available upon request in various section profiles. These include:

Section profile: 

Up to 30 metres delivery estimate: 


Available for next working day delivery.


Up to 12 weeks dependant on availability.


Up to 12 weeks dependant on availability.