Spares & Replacement

Trantec supplies a full range of replacement parts for Flexible Screw Conveyors at truly competitive prices. Our spares include spiral augersUHMWPE conveying tubes, fabricated parts, electrical controls, flexible connectors, and dust socks. 

At Trantec, we take pride in our innovatively designed solutions, producing high accuracies whilst saving our customers money.

Our quality control methods are intensely operated using IS9001 compatible procedures. Many of our components, such as our spiral augers and UHMWPE tubing, are manufactured under strict IS9001 environments.

We have managed to lower production costs and increase manufacturing efficiency over the last two years. Opting for state of the art CNC machinery rather than the traditional methods, our products now boast the finest accuracies and tolerances, whilst proving to be cost-effective for our clients.

We pass these benefits onto our customers, providing competitive pricing on premium-quality equipment with faster lead times.  

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