Servo Motors

Servo Motors – The Optimum Solution for your Material

Various industries all over the UK are benefiting from the added efficiency that servo motors can provide. Precision and accuracy are more important than ever in the bulk solids handling industry and the use of servo motors helps serve this notion.

A servo motor is a self-contained electrical device, that rotates parts of a machine with high efficiency and great precision. A client recently approached Trantec Solids Handling to find a solution to their issue with their topping and to find a way to process the material with accuracy.

As a result of this, imaginative solutions were developed to overcome some of the more challenging applications. To achieve the original aim, Trantec set about delivering the product in 8.57 milliseconds with 27g. Using this method required sizing the auger to achieve an accuracy of 1g. The dynamic range of the servo motors helped achieve this as this allowed the feeder to run faster and slower, which helped achieve efficiency and accuracy. On top of that, it was essential that a degree of agitation was applied to utilise the efficiency of the motor and help achieve the desired accuracy.

Trantec’s servo motors are the ideal application for the feeders, as they are equipped with quick-release/easy-clean features.

This also allows complete dismantling in less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, the unique design of Trantec feeders means the servo motors can be easily replaced.

Servo motors have not only helped save costs and reduce time in the long-term but they also have allowed Trantec to continue developing their products so they can serve the market with more inventive solutions.

On top of this industries have managed to take advantage of Trantec’s modular metering feeders and has given them the incentive to process materials with more accuracy than before.