Gravimetric Feeder

There are mainly two type of screw feeding devices that are well known within the bulk solids handling industry – Gravimetric and Volumetric Feeders. This article will examine the Gravimetric Feeder and how Trantec has led the way when it comes to designing and manufacturing their screw feeders.

What is a Gravimetric Feeder?

A Gravimetric feeder usually consists of a normal Volumetric feeder. The key difference here is that a weigh system and a control scheme is added. Therefore, a Gravimetric feeder determines the amount of material to be dosed by weight, as opposed to Volume (in the case of a Volumetric feeder). The dosing of the material is dependent on the temperature and humidity.


The Principles of Gravimetric Feeding

The main difference between Gravimetric feeders and Volumetric is that weigh cells are used to measure the input material. Therefore, any changes in density do not affect the outcome produced. This makes it easier to forecast how much material has been used (by weight). Generally, Gravimetric feeding also provides methods for recording and tracking materials used. Trantec’s Gravimetric feeders are robust, modular in design and provide solutions for many industries.

The main Advantages of a Gravimetric Feeder

So what are the key advantages of a Gravimetric Feeder? Here are the main benefits of using a Gravimetric Feeder.


Accurate and Precise

When using Gravimetric feeders one of the main benefits is that materials are dosed accurately and precisely.

Cost Effective

The great thing about these feeders is that they can be very cost effective and can provide you with a solid return of investment.

Fast Turnarounds

By using a Gravimetric feeder you can expect fast turnarounds, less downtime and waste.



Another advantage of a Gravimetric feeder is that the design helps to accurately dose the material. Since Trantec’s feeders are modular in design our feeders have an advantage when it comes to processing material.

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