Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment


Amongst our range of materials handling solutions, Trantec can provide a range of auxiliary equipment to add safety and ease to your depositing your dry bulk solids.

Emptying sacks and bins at a height can be quite difficult and often dangerous for those involved. With health and safety being an ever more present issue in the workplace, Trantec can assist with all areas of your process. A complement to our Metering Screw Feeders and Flexible Screw Conveyors, auxiliary equipment is requested for the depositing and storage of dry bulk solids and powders.

Storage Hoppers

Trantec’s storage hoppers provide a cost-effective method of space saving. A temporary storage method of materials, a hopper can be customised to feed straight to your Flexible Screw Conveyor, Metering Screw Feeder, or almost any other type of process equipment.

Sack Tip Station with Hood

Designed to allow safe deposit of boxes and sacks, our Trantec’s Sack Tip Stations provide a health and safety aid in any application. Simply place the sack onto the front rest to be cut open and emptied accordingly, falling into the hopper. The hopper will then feed the contents to your conveyor, screw feeder, or other process machinery.

Dry bulk solids are kept fully contained with the addition of dust curtain taking away any risk of cross-contamination. Available upgrades include:

  • Keg-tip mechanism powdered by a Belimo actuator
  • Mobile sack tip on wheels.
  • Door with safety interlock and switch.
  • Metal detectable silicone gaskets.

FIBC Discharger

Used widely across the foodpharmaceuticalchemical, and plastics industries, a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) discharger ensures complete discharge of FIBCs under controlled conditions, maintaining complete safety. Models are available for both free and poor-flowing materials and can be supplied standalone or in multiples. Configurations will be determined by product flow properties and application specifications. The most cost-effective packaging media for intermediate bulk projects.

Construction Materials

Construction of Trantec’s auxiliary equipment is provided in mild steel, 304, and 316 stainless steels in a variety of polish finishes, including mirror (0.2Ra).

Trantec can provide full traceability of any construction metals and plastics and advise on the benefits associated with each. For more information, call our Sales Team on +44 (0)1282 777 566.

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