Powder Metering

Powder Metering at another level Trantec is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high quality, powder handing equipment to the solids handling industry. Founded in 1997, the company has embraced innovation and offers services in 3D printing, CNC machine and CAM/CAD technology. Renowned as a market leader, its client base encompasses an array of industries … Read more

Loss in Weight Feeders

Volumetric or Gravimetric Feeders? – Making the right choice Loss in Weight Feeders – Why are they so popular? Trantec’s contribution to the bulk solids handling industry is demonstrated by their innovative technology. One of the most common types of screw feeder is the gravimetric feeder, which is also known as the Loss-In-Weight Feeder. These … Read more

Powder Feeder Design

Powder Feeder Design – Why does it matter? Trantec design and manufacturer metering feeders based on the requirement of our potential customers. This article will examine the various different powder feeder design offered by Trantec. Modular In Design One of the key features of Trantec metering feeders is that they are modular in design. This … Read more

Servo Motors

Servo Motors – The Optimum Solution for your Material Various industries all over the UK are benefiting from the added efficiency that servo motors can provide. Precision and accuracy are more important than ever in the bulk solids handling industry and the use of servo motors helps serve this notion. A servo motor is a self-contained … Read more

The Power Of The M-Series Screw Feeder

The M’ Series Trantec screw feeder represents the latest powder metering technology, developed by Trantec without compromise to quality and build. The new M’ Series screw feeder consists of a feeder body, a rotating agitator and variable control functions. The function of the agitator is to break any bridges that may form in the screw … Read more

Gravimetric or Volumetric Feeder?

Volumetric or Gravimetric Feeders? – Making the right choice In today’s economy, as energy costs rise and the cost of manufacturing increases, it is becoming more of a challenge to stay competitive in regional and global environments. Manufacturers are continually looking for ways to improve their processes and boost their competitiveness. Therefore, the right screw … Read more

5 Reasons you need to purchase a Trantec Screw Feeder

Trantec Solids Handling is a leading screw feeder manufacturer in the UK. The beauty of our screw feeders is that they have unique features that are eye-catching and provide quick solutions for complicated problems. This article will examine the reasons why you should invest in a Trantec powder feeder. Reduced Downtime  One of the most … Read more