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Trantec has over two decades of experience in the food, drinks and confectionary industries. We have supplied businesses worldwide with the latest powder handling equipment. We have worked with household names within the food & drinks industry, including well known OEMs and machinery suppliers.

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Seasoning & Flavouring

Trantec has served the seasoning and flavoring industry for over two decades now.

We have clients all over the world and have continued to provide a range of equipment for this industry.



Trantec has designed and manufactured a range of materials for the Pharmaceutical industry. We provide the highest quality powder handling equipment for this industry and lead the way with our innovation.

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Trantec has worked closely with environmental companies, for over two decades. Our metering screw feeders can be found in the fields of water treatment and flue gas scrubbing.

Our powdering screw feeders are used by many environmental companies for their precision and removing pollutants from either the air or water.

The great thing about our screw feeders is that they are 100% modular in design , offering customisable features (to be added in request).

several dyed plastic polymer granulates in laboratory


Trantec has been providing a range of materials handling equipment to the Plastic industry, for over two decades. Our range of Metering Screw Feeders, Flexible Screw Conveyors, and Augers are commonly used in plastics extrusion manufacturing facilities.

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Most of the manufacturers in this market require accuracy. Trantec’s screw feeders and flexible screw conveyors offer gentle handling solutions.

So whether you want to feed the SAP into a coating system, or to move from storage containers (i.e. sack tip station/storage hopper/FIBC discharger) to the next point of processing (loader or metering screw feeder), Trantec can assist



Trantec has been supplying dry solids metering and handling equipment to the chemicals industry for just under two decades. A Metering Screw Feeder will typically be used for the accurate feeding of powder coatings, adhesives, toners, sealing compounds, fertilisers, and much more.

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Animal & Pet Food

Trantec has provided solutions for the Animal and Pet Food industry for many years. We provide suitable equipment for animal feed and pet food applications. These range from conveyors to dischargers.

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