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Trantec is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of material transfer systems. We provide innovative feeder and conveying solutions to the solids handling industry.  Established in 1997, our customers now include many multi-national household names who entrust Trantec to supply quality equipment, competitively priced. 

Two decades of experience

Powder Conveyor is a division of Trantec that has over two decades of experience in the food, drinks and confectionery industries, which have supplied businesses worldwide with the latest material handling equipment.

Dedicated to keeping your conveyor system running

Our dedicated team can provide replacement parts for your existing flexible screw conveyor. Trantec flexible screw conveyor parts are fully interchangeable with existing equipment, manufactured to the same quality standards as your current supplier or OEM, and are fully guaranteed.

Cost Effective Spare Solutions

Whether you are looking for flexible spiral conveyors, flexible screw conveyors or simply conveyor manufacturers, this is the right place.

All Trantec flexible screw conveyor spares are manufactured to the same standards as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), providing complete interchangeability.

A flexible screw conveyor is an engineered piece of equipment that can be faithfully reproduced. This includes both the spiral and the conveying tube.

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Trantec Network

Powder ConveyorManufactures and supplies a range of material handling equipment, specialising in powder transfer systems. 

Trantec Solids Handling LimitedOur main company website focuses on metering screw feeders and other material transfer equipment.

Augers UK This is a division of Trantec which specialises in manufacturing helical auger screws and spirals.